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Evan Lavigne has his hands full being a single parent to his young son and daughter, plus dealing with life after his wife, Tessa, drowns in the lake near their cottage.

As if out of nowhere, a mysterious young woman, who calls herself Deirdre, appears and takes over the household and the children. Did she just materialize from the lake? She could well have, judging by her knowledge of marine life.

Just when they all settle into a tranquil domesticity and Evan asks Dierdre to marry him, Evans agent raises doubts in his mind. As the wedding day approaches, the mystery surrounding Dierdre deepens. Is Dierdre truly the new love of his life, or something far more malevolent?


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If cooking is the way to a man's heart, how does a man win the heart of a princess?

Princess Licia, heir to the throne of Oristano, a small principality on the Italian Riviera, has been on display in recent tabloids. Determined to make a lady of their daughter, her parents send her to the world-reknowned Emory Cooking Institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
Their theory? She may never cook a meal, but there's something about chopping, dicing, sauteing and flambeing that brings out the nurturer in a woman.

A graduate of Le Cordon Bleu and royal cooking assignments, masterchef Geoffrey Hanks is stunned to find the beautiful princess in his class.
His first instinct is to turn in his chef's hat and run. The reason?
Ancestors of royalty have been known to say, "Off with his head" at the slightest provocation. What if this delicious princess's parents have incorporated that handy refrain into their protocol?

Can love grow under such "throny" conditions?

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Hurt that Bryce Robertson, the man she loved, could not make a commitment to their relationship, Leanna Reed attempts to take control of her life by opening a gift shop in Pelican Harbor, Michigan, a sanctuary that will provide healing and a place to raise her daughter. But after an absence of five years, Bryce comes to the neighboring island to study wolves, and Leanna is forced to consider how she will deal with the fact that he is the father of her child, although hes unaware of this.

Bryce finds more than his lost love. Who is the little girl rapidly stealing his heart? Meanwhile, Leanna has her own angst. Can she keep Bryce from finding out about their child until shes ready to tell him in her own way?

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According to Nicky Slater's mother, Nicky should be marrying Chicago's most eligible bachelor, Mark Runyon. Instead, she's working for him as his housekeeper while putting herself through cooking school because she doesn't want to trade on the powerful Slater name.

Mark, on the other hand wears the well-known Runyon name with style. He just needs to overcome his suspicion that Nicky has befriended his grandmother, Ellen, to get this job, and maybe to get to him. Now, where could he have gotten an idea like that? And can these two fine, but vastly different, people ever find true love?

Including A Lover's Serenade - Almost by Rekha Ambardar

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He saw some onlookers perched at the balconies in restaurants - for a fee of $150, he overheard someone say. Such madness. He tried not to think of his own craziness. Why was he doing this? He was doing it on a dare by himself to himself. If hed lost Jessica and had been laid off from his job, only to be shipped off to Mexico, he could take part in bull running and survive. How many men could do that?


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Published Articles:
"Globalization: The New Empire," published in The World and I Online March 2007.
"America's Popularity Potion," was published in the October 2007 issue of World and I Journal Online.
"Advertisers and Changing Demographics," published in January 2008 to World and I Journal Online.
"Millennials Among Us" published in November 2008 to World and I Online Journal.
"Bilingualism,The Personality Shape-Shifter" published October 2009.

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